Welcome to Foiling UFO Australia. We import the Foiling UFO foiling catamaran, invented and designed by Dave Clark , and made in the USA by the team at Fulcrum Speedworks. We bring them in from Bristol, Rhode Island, all the way to Sydney, Australia. The UFO is the first ever one-person beach catamaran, purpose-designed for foiling and it is a winner!

We keep stock of UFO in Sydney and we deliver up and down the East coast, and we ship to Perth, Adelaide,FNQ, Darwin, Tasmania and New Zealand.

"The UFO looks like even I could sail it. I think its a brilliant concept, very well thought out." Steve W

"UFO-could be THE Peoples Foiler!" Doug Lord

"Are these currently in production? if so where could we get one, I'm hooked!" Chesterd12

All three quotes from https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/steve-and-dave-clarks-ufo.56326/page-7

Learn everything about the UFO on the Fulcrum website. Here are some links: