Please read all terms and conditions below, before you place your order.

Here is the deal:

We are the official and exclusive importer and sole retailer of UFO foiling catamarans in Australia. In September 2017 we visited the factory in Bristol, Rhode Island for three days and we got a lot of first-hand experience with the UFO. We witnessed the entire production process in great detail, asked ALL the questions we could think of, and Dave and Steve were very courteous in answering every single one of them.

So this is what we agreed with Dave:

We will import a first container-load of 18 UFOs in 2018. If you want your UFO in this container, you need to place your order soon. Once these first 18 boats are sold, the container will be closed and it will ship from Bristol to Sydney, which takes about 30 days on the ocean's waves. With the loading and unloading processes at both ends, it will take 6 or 7 weeks all up.  And of course we will ship a second container soon thereafter, maybe even before the first one has arrived on Sydney's shores...

What will you get?

A fully equipped, totally complete UFO, as per Dave Clark's specifications: Hull, main foil with wand control system, rudder foil, mast & rigging, Norths Sails sail in bag, Dynamic beach dolly. Everything you need to foil away!

Australian backed warranty:

We will also import a box of spare parts, from the little bits you might loose, to one spare hull. We will front all warranty claims as per the manufacturer's warranty, with parts available from stock in Sydney. And we will be able to sell you replacement parts that you might break, or need to replace due to wear & tear, at mate's rates.

Fully insured and guaranteed:

We will have a comprehensive Marine insurance on our container, to make sure your boat is fully insured until the moment we deliver it into your hands. Once you take delivery of your UFO you are responsible for insurance as per normal.

Pick-up in Sydney:

Pick-up is free and comes with opportunity to get training on the rigging process, maybe even a sail on Narrabeen Lake or Pittwater, if we have wind and daylight... 

Delivery runs to Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide:

We will organise delivery runs to Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide, so we come to you! If you live away from those metros, you can meet us there. Tasmanians could meet us in Melbourne? There will be a cost for this, which we will confirm to you as soon as we know the details. The delivery runs are subject to planning, so exact dates TBC.

For those in WA and NT, we are also bringing in some huge carton boxes that Dave has designed to flat-pack a complete UFO into. We will ship your UFO to you in this carton. Not cheap, but it beats driving and paying for petrol. Cost for this depends on where you live, so please contact us for a  shipping quote.

Need a UFO Trailer?

Together with Dunbier and Dynamic Dollies we have designed a marine quality trailer that is specific to transport one, two or three UFOs. It is an Australian made trailer, with some clever features that make it eminently suitable to store and transport your UFOs. You can even hose down your UFO whilst on the trailer, as it's fully hot galvanised, so hose away. Salt water and sand are no problem.


You can pay via EFT or via Credit Card (2% fee uplift). You will pay a deposit when you place your order, and your invoice must be fully paid the day before you come to pick up your UFO. No personal checks, no payment terms.

Your deposit guarantees your boat:

When you place your order, you will pay a deposit. This guarantees your hull is in the container, fully insured all the way. It will be waiting for you inside that dark container until the doors open to the Sydney sunshine and your smiling face will be there to collect it.

Remember, there are only 18 UFO in the first container-load, so place your order now! After the first 18 are sold, your order will go to the next container, to follow soon after the first one.

Place your order now, pay your deposit and get your mental preparation on – you will be foiling in a few short weeks from now!